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Google Cloud Services to Help You “Own the Cloud”

Migrate your infrastructure to the cloud and watch your business grow. Let us support your business with the latest and most secure cloud infrastructure, compute and storage choices.

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We are GCP Partners

Regardless of the size of your enterprise, a Google Cloud migration enables you to leverage the same infrastructure that powers all of Google's services—from Search to Gmail to YouTube—for billions of users.

Discover how Troposphere Technologies can help you Own the Cloud!

How a Google Cloud Migration Will Help Your Business Grow

Build your solutions on GCP — launch apps, websites, and portals securely, on top of the best. 

Secure deployment of services,  storage of data with end user privacy safeguards.

Make use of GCP’s global scale technical infrastructure designed to provide security. 

Transfer any of your apps or sites to GCP, including data sets and files. 

Always have access to resource usage, analytics, and data usage, 24 x7

Get the best of the resources & infrastructure for your websites & apps

Google Cloud Services to Help You Own the Cloud

Cloud services can fundamentally change the way you do business. With our Preconfigured Server Stacks you gain full control of the cloud services you need. Here’s how we can help.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for all its end-user products. Your business cloud infrastructure is in good hands!

Dedicated Support

With our 24 x7 support, there’s no need to wait. You have access to our dedicated managers to help you at all times. Just raise a ticket or shoot us a tweet on Twitter.

Disaster Recovery

Our robust cloud infrastructure — thanks to our partnership with Google Cloud Network allows for any time, anywhere disaster recovery for your applications, websites and data.

24 x7 Backups

Applications, websites, SaaS apps, on-site applications and your data are continuously backed up, at all times, in phases. You’ll never lose your data thanks to our redundant data storage from Google Cloud Networks.

Our Features

Preconfigured Server Stacks For Full Control

Our preconfigured server stacks, store architecture and our expansive experience with Google Cloud Platform help us provide basic cloud support to advanced services such as disaster recovery, business elasticity and increase in your organization’s productivity.

Your Biggest Benefit of GCP – Secure File Management

Security, across layers

Get the same security that Google’s own platforms, services, and tools such as Youtube & Gmail benefit from.

Protection from DDoS, Hacking, et all

Google’s Cloud Platform has advanced pre-emptive technologies to prevent your cloud setup from DDoS attacks, hacking, and malware.

Secure Data Storage

Data lost is money lost. Prevent data theft, data leaks, and data management disasters with GCP’s archival storage. 

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

The guys at Troposphere Technologies are a passionate bunch of cloud professionals. They took care of almost 75 websites with white glove migration, without a hitch.

Jane Smith

Dev Lead, Supreme Technologies

Launching and managing apps is no easy task, especially not when you are just starting out and are thin on resources. The team at Troposphere literally took our apps management into their own hands, masterfully at that. 

Dan Greene

IT Director, Monarch Inc.

Mission critical applications have no chance of a holiday, a weak spot, or any margin for mismanagement. The Troposphere team has proactively deployed and managed our apps, like their own.

John Sequiera

COO, Extra Space

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24/7 Award Winning Support

We provide industry-leading, proactive, and paranoid support for our clients. You only have to get a taste for our award-winning support to know how much we care.

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