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Some Cloud Humor Anyone?

Some Cloud Humor Anyone?

Who says Cloud practitioners are all work and no play? This past April Fools day Google Cloud tried to sneak one past us and promised to change the way we think about the Cloud with this video on the Actual Cloud – “the world’s first cloud offering running on servers in the troposphere, inside actual clouds.”

Actual Cloud promised features such as Stormboost to draw on charges from electrical fields during thunderstorms and CloudDrops to provide blazingly fast content delivery to all of your users using raindrops!

But who knows, stranger predictions have come true!

It will soon be possible to transmit wireless messages all over the world so simply that any individual can carry and operate his own apparatus.” Nikola Tesla, New York Times, 1909.

Is It Time to Migrate from Oracle Database to Google Cloud Platform?

Is It Time to Migrate from Oracle Database to Google Cloud Platform?

It’s time to consider your options. Oracle has been around a long time and provides some reasonable database services but not really at a reasonable price. Ok, let’s face it, Oracle is super expensive. Maybe it is time to consider some alternatives. Aren’t you curious to at least see what your options are and what the alternative pricing might be like? Reducing your database costs could have a significant positive impact on your business. But of all the options, why should you consider Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?

Download this white paper and discover how an Oracle database migration to GCP can positively impact your business. In it, you will benefit from –

  • An overview of the following fully managed, scalable database services GCP provides:
      • Cloud SQL
      • Cloud Spanner
      • Bigtable
      • BigQuery
  • How to choose a storage option using the Google Cloud Platform decision diagram
  • An overview of available migration tools

Download this whitepaper here and learn how you can move your data to one of the fastest, most reliable and secure networks on the planet. And save!

Migrate with ease with Troposphere Technologies. Schedule your 1-hour free demo here and discover how we can assess, plan, deploy and optimize your Oracle migration.