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Accelerate your AWS cloud migration with an AWS Proof of Concept

You’ve built your business case to migrate your organization to Amazon Web Services. You’ve done your homework and assessed the benefits, the financial impact, the risk and the functionality of an AWS cloud adoption. Now what? Step two is to demonstrate the functionality of that solution with an AWS Proof of Concept.

What is an AWS Proof of Concept (PoC)?

An AWS PoC will introduce your organization to the benefits of an AWS cloud migration without the risk and with minimal spend. It will test your ideas, assumptions and costs in isolation on a smaller scale to verify the functionality of deploying your applications to the cloud. It allows you to fully evaluate a cloud migration before you commit.

The AWS Proof of Concept Program

It gets better! AWS wants to help your business scale and grow with low cost, and no risk. The AWS Proof of Concept Program provides a credit to businesses to quickly get started and test AWS by subsidizing your Proof of Concept. That’s where Troposphere Technologies can help. We can work with you to set up your Proof of Concept and then help you benefit from the available funding.

Troposphere Technologies Can Get You Started

As an AWS partner, Troposphere Technologies is an elite team of IT/IM consultants each with decades of experience helping organizations leverage technology for business success. We are certified in several major cloud platforms and passionate about the cloud. Contact us here to get started on your AWS Proof of Concept.