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Magnum Tires

Industry: Automotive
Location: Recife, Brazil
Size: 500+ Employees

Company Bio

Magnum Tires is one of the largest importers and distributors of tires and inner tubes in Brazil. It is the largest importer of GT Radial tires in Latin America.


Troposphere Technologies LLC was responsible for analyzing the Magnum Tires IT infrastructure of 20 servers and 370 G Suite users that was running in a third party data center. Their task was to develop a migration strategy to successfully migrate this infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with minimal risk and downtime.

“Magnum Tires recommends ITnsify and Troposphere for their Google Cloud migration. We are very pleased with your services.”

Anderson Melo

CFO, Magnum Tires

The Challenge

Magnum’s third party data center was not happy with their decision to migrate their IT infrastructure to GCP and provided very little support. As such, we had to perform a migration to GCP in a hostile environment. We call it a “stealth migration”. We needed to migrate the client without any positive participation from the datacenter. This could have meant a major disruption to their business if the migration of their critical email services and administrative purchasing applications decreased.

Magnum's Story

Read CFO Anderson Melo’s account of the migration & the impact on their business of moving to the cloud.

The Results

Troposphere successfully migrated Magnum’s 20 servers over a weekend one week ahead of time with minimal downtime to customer and partner tire sales platforms. Six months later, Magnum Tires is expanding its operations globally and has already seen a reduction in our monthly information technology costs. They have reported to all of their distributors and sales agents that they are now fully integrated with both G-Suite and GCP. Since the migration, they have added a new Customer facing portal and expanded their integration with Salesforce.

  • Reduced Cost
  • Reduced Time & Effort to Scale
  • Ability to Scale Globally with GCP’s Reach