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Query Optimization in Google BigQuery Tutorial

Query Optimization in Google BigQuery Tutorial

google-bigqueryStoring and querying massive datasets can be time-consuming and expensive without the right hardware and infrastructure. What if you could have someone else with the infrastructure handle the hard work? Now with Google BigQuery, you can! Google BigQuery is an enterprise data warehouse that solves this problem by enabling super-fast SQL queries using the processing power of Google’s infrastructure. Simply move your data into BigQuery to get started.

But while BigQuery is an incredibly fast, secure, and surprisingly inexpensive data warehouse, there are ways to make it even faster, cheaper, and more secure.

This training presentation will get you started on Query Optimization in BigQuery. Not for beginners, this is a deep-dive and will be more valuable for those who’ve used BigQuery before and have a good baseline knowledge of how BigQuery executes queries

Topics covered include:

  • An overview of the BigQuery architecture.
  • A deeper dive into the architecture of BigQuery’s query execution engine, Dremel.
  • An even deeper dive into how different types of queries are executed and how to read their associated explain plans.

Download this in-depth 51-page presentation and come away with a better understanding of the query optimizations for BigQuery and the reasoning behind them. Learn to supercharge this already powerful tool and get the best out of your data.

Schedule your 1-hour free demo here and learn how you can get the most out of your data with BigQuery.

Why Should I Be Using Google Cloud Datalab?

Why Should I Be Using Google Cloud Datalab?

First, a quick definition of Google Cloud Datalab as per Google –

Google Cloud Datalab is a web based, interactive tool that makes it easy for you to gain insight into raw data, and present, collaborate, and publish data insights in a fast, simple, and cost effective way.

The result is a new interactive developer tool that lets you explore, analyze and visualize data with just a few clicks. And you can do so using Python, SQL or JavaScript.

Download this presentation to discover the feature benefits of this development tool as well as the following three Use Cases of Google Cloud Datalab:

  • Use Case #1: Get started with Big Data
  • Use Case #2: Analyze & visualize data
  • Use Case #3: Build Machine Learning Models

Discover how you can explore, transform, visualize and process your data that sits in Google BigQuery, Compute Engine and Cloud Storage and transform your data to insights with Google Cloud Datalab.

Schedule your 1-hour free demo here and learn how you can transform your data into usable business insights.

Google Cloud and SAP

Google Cloud and SAP

What happens when you combine the world’s most innovative cloud and the world leader in enterprise software?

Through this partnership, Google and SAP are providing capabilities that make it possible to innovate in entirely new ways… providing our customers with the foundation for innovation for continued success.

Bernd Leukert, Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, Products & Innovation

Has your organization migrated all your applications to the Cloud except your on-premise ERP? If so, what can your organization expect from migrating SAP to Google Cloud Platform? Here’s what recent customers have said:

“We chose Google Cloud for the price and performance of the infrastructure and the future-proofing we get with its innovative capabilities.”
–Rob Wilson, CTO, Smyths Toys

“SAP HANA on Google Cloud Platform and G Suite will make our employees much more mobile… and help us reduce our maintenance costs and improve our flexibility.”
–Augusto de Castro, Director of HR, Organization & IT, FNM

“We don’t have to spend time taking care of our system, so we can focus on creating value for our customers. With SAP S/4HANA and Google, we’re able to deliver innovation with minimal disruption to our daily business.”
–Michael Kern, Co-founder and Member, Executive Board, Sovanta

Download the attached presentation and discover all the advantages as well as how you can:

  • Seamlessly migrate SAP to GCP for improved performance, scalability, reliability & security
  • Quickly extend native SAP apps for advanced analytics
  • Innovate and differentiate with Google + SAP co-developed innovations in the cloud

You can now migrate with ease with Troposphere Packaged SAP Services. Schedule your 1-hour free demo here and discover how we can assess, plan, deploy and optimize your migration.

Start Your Machine Learning Journey With Google

Start Your Machine Learning Journey With Google

Are you looking to start your machine learning journey but aren’t sure how to get started? If so, download this comprehensive 41-page presentation that details the machine learning journey with Google.

In it, you will discover –

  • A description of the four categories of Analytics projects –
    • Descriptive Analytics
    • Diagnostic Analytics
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Prescriptive Analytics
  • 6 Machine learning use cases
  • A look at the ML offerings from Google including TensorFlow and Cloud Machine Learning
  • Three steps for success with machine learning & how Google can help you get started
  • How you can leverage Google’s Advanced Solutions Lab (ASL) to partner with Google Cloud and apply Machine Learning to solve high-impact business challenges.

Download this report and learn the specific steps your organization can take to start your Machine Learning journey!

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