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Are Your Cloud Costs Growing Faster Than Your Data?

Your cloud migration is complete and your business is stronger for it. Now that you are managing your data, now is the time to start managing your costs. Are you maximising the cloud’s usage and efficiency? Is there waste? Are you struggling to keep track of where your cloud spend is going? If that’s your situation, you need Cloud Cost Management.

With our partnership with Cloud Cost Management LLC, we are able to help you get your costs under control, gain visibility into your spend and assess and manage risk.

Our Cloud Cost Management Services

The services we provide include –

  • Cloud Cost Audit & Assessment Services
    • Cloud Spending Data and Benchmarking
    • Cloud Compute, Storage, & Network Cost Analysis
    • Cloud Governance and Cost Optimization
  • Cloud Cost Governance & Process Assessment
    • Cloud Cost Governance & Process Evaluation
    • Cloud Cost Management Risk Assessment
    • Cloud Governance Remediation and Controls

Start Managing your Cloud Costs with Troposphere Technologies

Let us help you gain financial visibility, identify savings opportunities and implement the governance policies you need to achieve essential cloud cost management. Fill out the form on the right and start managing your data and your costs.