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52% of organizations lack a solid cloud strategy. Discover the first phase of moving your infrastructure to the cloud.

Getting Your Migration Started

The first step in creating your strategy and action plan is aligning your needs to the right service delivery solution. Phase 1 in creating this strategy uses our Cloud Strategy Workbook to evaluate service models and then align your workloads to the right model. This Phase is a workload-first approach that allows you to harness the cloud’s strengths.

This is how the process works:

  1. Create a mission statement to succinctly highlight the goals of your organization’s cloud project
    • Understand the “why” before moving on to the “how” and “when”
    • Create your mission statement – your cloud strategy’s guiding principle
  2. Evaluate broad areas of risk for each of your workloads
    • Align your workloads to the right service model
    • Evaluate the risk for each of your core workloads

The key to this phase is our interactive Cloud Strategy Workbook. This detailed workbook will help you assess individual workloads based on their suitability for the cloud and the risks you will face migrating them to the cloud.

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Bring Our Cloud Strategy Workshop to Your Facility

If you don’t have time or the expertise for the DIY approach, bring our Cloud Strategy Workshop to your facility to accelerate your Cloud implementation. Facilitated by one of our Google Cloud Certified Architects and Trainers, this 4-day interactive workshop takes your team through every phase of your specific project and ensures that you leave with a detailed roadmap in place to complete your project successfully.

Download the Workshop outline here for a complete description. Or, email us at support@troposphere.tech with your questions.