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52% of organizations lack a solid cloud strategy. Discover the third phase of moving your infrastructure to the cloud.

Create your Cloud Strategy Executive Presentation


Now that you have created your Cloud Strategy Document in Phase 2, you are now ready for Phase 3. The Cloud still means different things to different people. To resolve this problem, you will use our Cloud Strategy Executive Presentation template to highlight your Cloud strategy in a format that is easily consumable for today’s busy executive.

This is how the process to create your executive presentation works:

  1. Plot your initiatives on a roadmap
    • Identify the initiatives required to complete the cloud strategy
    • Identify the individuals and groups required to complete the cloud project
    • Attach dates to initiatives and plot them in a Gantt chart
  2. Create your Executive Presentation
    • Populate the Executive Presentation Template with your service models
    • Include a summary of the risks and mitigations
    • Outline the framework from your Cloud Strategy Document

The key to this phase is the Cloud Strategy Executive Presentation Template. This template outlines initiatives, attaches an owner, and gives them a timeline for plotting them on a roadmap.

Download your copy today!

Bring Our Cloud Strategy Workshop to Your Facility

If you don’t have time or the expertise for the DIY approach, bring our Cloud Strategy Workshop to your facility to accelerate your Cloud implementation. Facilitated by one of our Google Cloud Certified Architects and Trainers, this 4-day interactive workshop takes your team through every phase of your specific project and ensures that you leave with a detailed roadmap in place to complete your project successfully.

Download the Workshop outline here for a complete description. Or, email us at support@troposphere.tech with your questions.