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TheCommunicator is a new revolutionary communication platform based on the Google Cloud Platform Machine Learning set of technologies. It will revolutionize the way podcasts are communicated, both audio and video based. It will allow broadcasters to expand their potential audiences exponentially by allowing those audiences to listen to their broadcasts in their own chosen language! There are statistics that demonstrate that people learn better when they receive communications in the language they are most comfortable conversing in. I know this from personal experience because I am bilingual in English and French and have held podcast training sessions in both languages. I have also conducts courses in both languages and when people are free to ask a question in either English or French and receive an answer in their language they really appreciate and learn faster.

Star Trek Communicator Early Version

Star Trek Communicator Early Version

TheCommunicator will allow a podcaster to record their broadcast in one language and it will then be made available almost real-time in several other languages. Our initial version of the product will provide global access to a podcast in six of the worlds most used languages.

Top Six Languages In The World

Mandarin Chinese (1.1 billion speakers)
English (983 million speakers)
Hindustani (544 million speakers)
Spanish (527 million speakers)
Arabic (422 million speakers)
Malay (281 million speakers)

TheCommunicator will use the Google Cloud Platform’s App Engine Standard managed services engine through microservices. A website front end will provide access to the solution for both the Podcaster and the End User. In between the two will be a series of GCP managed service applications and storage services. Future versions will incorporate a podcast library, a Data Studio Dashboard, as well as more advance GCP Machine Learning processing for entity extraction and search. End Users will have the ability to search for a word and the solution will take them to that exact place in a podcast where the word is spoken or that video entity extraction has identified a word in a video image.

TheCommunicator Architecture

TheCommunicator Architecture

TheCommunicator solution is installed from the GCP MarketPlace using Deployment Manager into your own GCP Console environment. A project is created along with all of the required resources. The Podcast will be able to deliver two initial test podcasts during the trial phase and then a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) key will be required. This key can be purchased from Troposphere Technologies LLC.

Please reach out to us at support@troposphere.tech